Many of us do this.  We come home from a long day at our respective jobs.  We slip off our shoes and relax; to whatever for of relaxation works for us.  For me its my recliner for roughly an hour.  If I have nothing to do that night then the time that I spend horizontal may increase.  With most of us we feel a proud sense of accomplishment from a job well done.  Or perhaps we’re just happy to have a particular project off our plate.  Or maybe you’re one of those rough necks who works so hard that by the time you get home you’re sore and you just want to stop moving for a while.  If you are any of these people then I envy you.  Take a wild guess at what I do for 8 hours a day…  NOTHING.  This is not an exaggeration.  I literally sit behind a desk and do nothing.  Yes, I get paid and some of you might consider me to be ungrateful and I am happy to be employed.  But spending the entire day doing nothing is exhausting.  Seriously – its only 9:30 in the morning and I’m all ready for bed.  Here’s a quote for you to ponder.  If you know me well enough (who really does) then you’ll know who this is.

“I’ve often thought of becoming a hairdryer.”

Stay tuned!!!

I am giving serious consideration to an idea that I’ve had for some time now.  Tentative title: “Jesus & Me.”  Yep, you heard me right.  Taken from the point of view of his best friend Steve, the story, which will be my first comedy, will follow the would-be king of the Jews throughout his formative years and into adulthood.  Many of the decisions and choices made by Jesus weren’t actually made by Jesus, but by Steve.  It was Steve who advised Jesus to become a carpenter.  It was Steve who thought it would be a good idea to start a new religion.  A little like a “mom always liked you best” sort of thing.  I will of course, have to do some serious researching; facts are facts as you know and I want to be accurate as far as the historical accounts go.  However, the grey areas will be slightly muddled.


Stay tuned for Princess Jessie and The Way Back.  Both to be released soon.  (cross your fingers)

It’s only me…

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been gone for a while.  Nothing serious I suppose; unless you consider rheumatoid arthritis serious.  It certainly isn’t life threatening, but it is life altering.  Being back at work has helped to clear my mind (mainly because at work, my mind isn’t being used) and I want to get back to work writing.  “The Way Back” will be released soon.  That is if my editor would get off her lazy butt and get my copy back to me.  But I digress.  The hardest thing I have in front of me is the completion of my current manuscript which is lossley based on the Hinterkaifeck Murders.  I hope you y’all stick around long enough to read it.  I hope I’m around long enough to finish it.  Perhaps I will take my imagination and my words to the campground with me this weekend.

Happy Friday y’all.


I try, like most people (I assume) not to judge too harshly, people who are “different” than I.  Having said that, (I really hate that cliche) I would like to express my extreme displeasure for the latest trend in male hair styles: The Man-Bun.  There was a “guy” at work today that was sporting this new weirdness.  I have to say that it was a mite ridiculous.  It wasn’t so much a bun as it was a hair-penis – tied with at least three bands to the crown of his head.  Maybe I’m old and out of it.  Perhaps I have no sense of what style is.  Perhaps I’m just not as sexy as I thought I was, but come on people.  The guy looked like a Teletubbie but with a tube of penis like hair on the top of his head.  The moral of this story is KNOCK IT OFF!

My 500 Words

Day #3 of the #my500words writing challenge. Total words – 909.

Today was very productive. I began a premise for my new book. I may or may not use it but I like the way it’s written. The more mundane my day is at work, the more actual writing I get done. Below is just a sample. Like I said, I may be heading in a different direction but I really like this.

At St. Martin there is a small café; inland off Cypress Street, which many of the tourists are unaware of. I came across it two weeks ago on a bike trip through the village: a charming little charcuterie with window boxes and fresh table linens. I was greeted with the widest smile from the prettiest girl I had ever seen. Her hair was the darkest shade of caramel, with eyes surprisingly blue. The grape colored apron that adorned her graceful waist was stained with powdered sugar, but her smile required no respite from the morning’s sugary offerings. It was given freely; and it soon came to be mine, or that I had hoped for such. When she spoke, her subtly infused French accent quickened my pulse.

Every morning since, I would sit on the terrace overlooking the mysterious Caribbean and drink cup after cup of the worst tasting coffee imaginable: a meager sacrifice to be worthy of her audience. I would have drunk a tripe milkshake for the mere witness of her smile.

The morning prior to yesterday was no different. I paid for my mug of sludge, took my usual seat in the warmth of the morning sun and waited for my daily smile. On this particular day however, I received a bonus for my trouble: a note; in the form of a torn piece of notebook paper fastened to my cup with clear adhesive tape. I grinned childishly, surely it was her phone number, or at the very least the number of a local medicine man that was sure to find success in restoring my taste buds.

When I opened the correspondence, I was shocked; shocked to find nothing that I had hoped for and shocked to find everything that I hadn’t.

Mister, please help me. They’re going to kill me.

I was fully uncertain of what to do with this knowledge. Perhaps this was a situation best suited for the Dirty Harry type.

Hot off the presses!!!

My latest Story “The Way Back” is finished.  In the near future (like a couple of days or so) I will be designing the cover art and sending it out.  If you would like a free copy (only giving out a few) please let me know.  Oh and I’ll need to know what format you would like to read it in i.e, epub, mobi, doc, txt, PDF and what have you.

My 500 Words

Good evening y’all.  Sorry about the y’all in the previous sentence but I’m feeling quite gruntled.  Today is day #1 of the #my500words writing challenge, and though I wrote 1,980 words this afternoon; I wanted to get this blog up and running so I could go out to eat with my girlfriend and not have to think too much about anything else except for the delicious burger on the plate in front of me.  You dig?  Including this post, the total word count for February 23rd 2016 – 2,062


This is a piece I wrote for a short story contest last Valentine’s Day.  It’s call “A Dream of Lilies”


           Before I died, I dreamt of a girl. For five straight nights she held me captive. The dream often changed but the girl was always the same. She never told me her name and I’m not certain why it matters to me now other than to know the name of the girl that I fell in love with. 
            Because it’s a dream, does that make our love any less real? I felt her touch upon my skin. Her hair: thick and black as night. Her ice blue eyes pierced my heart, and her soft red lips became pillows for my own. We were like most couples – in the mornings we would have breakfast on a marble terrace. Afternoons were filled with strolling along the river, or to the local bookseller for a cup of coffee; where I would read aloud to her from Dumas: wooing her romantic soul. 
            Back at home we made love to the sound of church bells; as if it was the end of mankind. It was at that moment that I would be forced to leave her and walk through my waking world. I was envious of those beside me; those whose love was not bound by sleeping hours. Still; was our love any different from theirs? 
            I spent my conscious hours working as an investment banker. It wasn’t fulfilling work but it paid the bills. I made the wise decision a year ago to sell the car and use public transportation. After merely a week I chose to walk instead. Four blocks of nothing but banks, investment firms, and coffee shops. There was also the obligatory greeting card shop; announcing to all that Valentine’s Day was right around the corner. 
            Of course I had had relationships in the past, some of them had even had potential, but I always blew it on Valentine’s Day. The card wasn’t thoughtful enough, or I got the wrong flowers, or it was dark chocolate when it should have been white. These obvious mistakes resulted in the inevitable: “you don’t love me.” And they were right; so I gave up on love. The very notion of love became an apparition to me; always just out of sight. 
            Walking – this activity is allegedly good for you. All it did was piss me off. On this particular day, the warm temperature did nothing to brighten my mood. As I entered my building, the doorman greeted me while holding the door open. I retrieved my mail and grumped my way to the elevator without a word. I tossed the mail on the sideboard and fell into my overstuffed leather chair. There was whiskey on the end table from the night before. I was relaxed, content, and totally unaware that within five days I’d be dead. 
            I flipped through the mail and noticed a bright red envelope with my name on it. No address, just my name. After finding nothing to slake my curiosity, I opened it. To my amazement: it was a card. On the front was an image of a cottage, on the banks of an empty beach. Again, there were no words, but it was obvious what this was. Some fool sent me a Valentine’s Day card. The inside was slightly more telling. On the left was a simple red heart on a pink background. The right: blank but for the words written in ink: 
            “Be Mine.” Underneath was the cryptic signature: “Lily.” I knew no Lily. I put the mail down, finished my drink and went straight to bed. 
            That was the night I met my dream girl; standing in a garden of pink and white flowers, and wearing a dress of the same. I picked one and nervously handed it to her. She smiled and placed it behind her ear. I fell in love with her right then and there. For five nights she appeared to me in my dreams. Every morning I struggled with being awake; having become addicted to her love. 
            The morning of my death found me in bed longer than usual. I wanted to stay but she said goodbye with a kiss and I woke with a start. There was a smile on my face that my face didn’t recall as I dressed and walked across the street to Mina’s: The only authentic Russian Jewish deli in town. I ordered lunch and sat at one of the booths. 
            From the window I could see up to my apartment and I saw someone standing on my terrace. I ran outside for a closer look. It was her. She was looking down at me, her hair covering part of her face. I could see the smile. 
            Somewhere behind me tires squealed, but I paid no attention. All I could see was her and her smile. 
            Ironically, the bus that ran me over was the bus that I chose not to ride any longer. When I arrived at the hospital, I heard words such as thready, and shock, and then internal bleeding, and something about permanent damage. There were doctors and nurses all around me; attempting to save my life. Despite all their efforts, they were unsuccessful. I watched as they removed their gloves and exited the room. 
            I swear that I heard Procol Harem’s Whiter Shade of Pale playing over the intercom as she appeared in the doorway; smiling like a child. She came to me and took my hand. My pain dissipated and I sat up to look in her eyes. There were so many things I wanted to ask her; things I needed to know. But at that moment there was only one thing I needed to know. 
            “What is your name?” She didn’t answer, but took my face in her hands and kissed me. 
Then I remembered the card. “Lily?” She smiled and led me into our favorite café for Espresso and biscotti. We laughed and reveled in the prospect of our new lives together. Every day was Valentine’s Day.