I try, like most people (I assume) not to judge too harshly, people who are “different” than I.  Having said that, (I really hate that cliche) I would like to express my extreme displeasure for the latest trend in male hair styles: The Man-Bun.  There was a “guy” at work today that was sporting this new weirdness.  I have to say that it was a mite ridiculous.  It wasn’t so much a bun as it was a hair-penis – tied with at least three bands to the crown of his head.  Maybe I’m old and out of it.  Perhaps I have no sense of what style is.  Perhaps I’m just not as sexy as I thought I was, but come on people.  The guy looked like a Teletubbie but with a tube of penis like hair on the top of his head.  The moral of this story is KNOCK IT OFF!


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