Daily writing practice

The rain fell slowly and floated above the street in a mist; a mist that carried the death and decay of the world with it.  I held no presumptions that life as I knew it would soon end.  We had long ago set upon a path of self destruction and ignored the clear warning signs.

The extinction of the human race began 20 years ago with the first release of the virus.  The virus – engineered specifically to merely reduce the earths population had run amok and had killed indiscriminately.  Those of us that had distributed the virus are the only ones left; left alone with our shame and our guilt.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Earths population was a little over seven billion people.  At last count, there were only 7500 confirmed alive; walking this deserted planet alone: alone because we fear the company of others.  Alone because we cannot trust each other any longer, and alone because we are all carriers of the virus.


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