Bugliosi gets it wrong. Again.

I apologize for the rant but this is something I’m very passionate about. And I’m pissed off.
About 8pm one night this week, I sank myself into my green and white overstuffed chair, put my feet up; and with a fresh line of Mountain Dew pumping intravenously through both veins, I sought some interesting entertainment. It was then that I committed the sin. A sin no self respecting historian should commit: I tuned to the History channel. I was surprised however, to find actual historical programming.
There, amidst the bourgeoisie reality show and the semi-factual docudrama, was – yet another modern retelling of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The narrator promised almost instantly that “this time, the experts were going to look closely at the evidence.” Thank god for that. Concerned only with the facts, a number of experts debated on a number of aspects regarding the case. This was where I found it difficult to keep the program on.
The first of these experts was the “serial plagiarist” and confirmed lying sack: Gerald Posner. Who certainly received a substantial amount of tax free cash (from you know who) to appear on the program. Just like he did when he wrote “Case Closed” which should be placed on the fiction shelves.
The next expert to chime in was Robert Groden. A forensic photographic expert, who not only holds a vast library of photographic evidence but also gave expert testimony to the HSCA (The House Select Committee on Assassinations) when it was found that there was a conspiracy present during the assassination of JFK. Any debate on the assassination should definitely include Robert Groden.
The next “so called” expert was former Los Angles prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi. His ridiculously large and ridiculously inaccurate book “Reclaiming History” should have been entitled “Re-framing

Oswald.” He continues to ignore the simplest facts regarding the case. The most outrageous claim he makes in this unfortunate program, is that there is “no evidence connecting Oswald to any other popular ‘conspiracy’ suspects such as David Ferry. I almost choked on my microwaved lasagna. There most certainly is evidence that Oswald and Ferry knew each other. See the photo included with this post.
I am no expert on the subject, but having studied it most of my adult life I can tell you with proud certainty that despite their enormous pedigree and bank accounts, both Bugliosi and Posner haven’t a clue. Why do they and the mainstream media continue to spread the lie? Because the truth is difficult for closed minded people to understand, and because there are still members of our government and wealthy captains of industry that want the lie to continue. And they’re willing to pay well to those who keep it going.

And by the way, speaking the truth and wanting the truth to be known is not a conspiracy. We are not conspiracy theorists. We simply want the lies to stop.
“Many things happened in Dallas that day, and your Lee Harvey Oswald had nothing to do with them.”

L. Fletcher Prouty


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