“A Mother’s Whisper.”

I’m so excited to be nearly finished with this.


Walter is in trouble.  Not from the law or from his place of business, but from himself.  Walter Kirk is suffering from severely debilitating nightmares.  As he struggles to reattach the frayed fabric of his existence, he learns more about his life than he cared to.  At the center of this struggle is a mysterious box.  Inside the box; well, that depends on Walter.

The trouble begins when Walter meets a girl: Penelope.  Upon meeting this wholly beautiful woman, Walter’s world comes crashing down around him in a single lightning flash of terror.  Once the Nightmares begin, Walter becomes unable to free himself from his own mind.

In order to free himself and discover the mystery behind his Mother’s death, Walter must place himself in grave danger.  What that danger is, only Walter can know.  And what he has yet to learn is that things are not always what they appear to be.


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