Coming soon to your bookstores and bookshelves!

In a cold, dark basement a 13 year old girl sits on an uneven bed; cold and afraid. Unfortunately she is not there because she wants to be. She has been kidnapped. Taken by a man wearing a mask and disguising his voice. The man hasn’t hurt her but she knows that if she doesn’t do what the man says, he will. She is unaware of how long she has been there. Her only hope of survival lies with the man that took her. Eighteen years later, Charity Daniels suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome. She has no recollection of the ordeal. All she knows is that she isn’t well. Has she ever been well? With help from her therapist, Charity begins to remember things; small things at first. As her past comes back to her, Charity comes face to face with the knowledge of why she was taken, and by whom.


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