You had to be there…

As many of you may or may not know, I am a musician; a drummer. My band: Whiskey Road, played a show this last Saturday to a roaring crown of eager fans. This was our return to the stage from the lockdowns caused by COVID-19. I was nervous. Rightfully so because we had sold out the venue. I guess you could say it was nervous energy. I was excited to play; to be back on the stage with my brothers and sisters (not literal but more fraternal).

I was ready, to say the least. I arrived an hour ahead of schedule because I had a new set up in mind and I needed to have enough time if the set up didn’t work.. I lugged all my gear in (I need a roadie desperately) and began organizing the hardware on the riser. My back began to give me some trouble so I ordered a whiskey, cheeseburger and fries, and sat down for a moment. Let’s fast forward a bit…

With 15 minutes before we went on, I got dressed. My ensemble was black jeans, faded grey shirt, black leather vest, and an American flag scarf. I can tell you right now with all the humility in my heart, that I do not look good in leather. But the show must go on. We rocked the place. Other than a few minor problems that went unnoticed; it was really a remarkable show. Currently, my hands look like chewed hamburger. I should use that imagery in an upcoming story.



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