95.9 The River!

For those of you unadventurous types that refuse to wake up at dawn, I was a guest this morning on the fabulous, local radio station: 95.9 THE RIVER to discuss my latest book; The Blood Red Box. I had first met Scott Mackay and Danielle Tufano while on a trip to the Dominican Republic, sponsored by the station. I met some really great people that week. Scott introduced himself to me in the pool one afternoon while hurling a pool-water-soaked ball at my face. Danielle, never without a drink in her hand, stayed clear from the boyish games. I have so many memories from that trip. None of which have anything to do with it being my honeymoon. Here are just a few…

It was a Wednesday. I know this because I remember saying, “hey! it’s Wednesday!” It was hot. The kind of hot that leaves you breathless. Our plan was to head down to the beach, but as we passed the pool, (the time being roughly 9: am) I proclaimed that I needed a drink. Upon submersion, I trudged to the bar and kindly requested a shot of Mamawana. This is a local concoction, made with rum and red wine. I was there at the bar with many others from the group until about 1:00 pm when I quietly announced that I needed to lie down. I went up to the room and passed out; not waking until the next day.

My final memory of that trip is also of the pool. You see, there was this ball. A beach ball if I remember correctly. Someone began hitting it up in the air to another person, attempting to keep it in the air. Before you know it, more and more people joined in until most, if not all of the 95.9 group were playing. Those that weren’t playing were counting how many hits until it hit the water. We were all drunk then too. Good times!

Thank you Scott and Danielle for the memories and the opportunity to talk about the book today.

Below is the conversation from this morning. Enjoy.


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