An Unforgivable Act

What is it about you that I detest so much? Your smell? Much like an offensive version of burnt ketchup and something rubbery. No, that’s not it. Is it your lack of compassion when faced with the burdens of your fellow man? Not quite. Could it possibly be the way you wear your hair, all combed to one side like you’re trying to cover up part of your brain? Although this is loathsome, it is not the reason. If you wish to know why, I will tell you…

You broke into my home. Yes, I realize that the door was technically unlocked but that didn’t give you the right to enter. You used my bathroom. This horrible realization I’m not even going to comment on. You sat in my chair, browsed through my extensive library and watched my television. However, all would have been forgiven if you simply hadn’t eaten my entire bag of pork rinds!


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