Book Review – The Island by Adrian McKinty

Just like “The Chain”, this one got me all worked up. It takes talent to be able to stir up so much tension in a few hundred pages. This is my go-to niche… Girl in trouble, nasty men chasing after her, girl becomes a bad-ass-bitch and kills everyone. There’s more to it than that, actually but you get the idea.

Heather didn’t want a family. She wasn’t even sure she wanted a husband, but in the blink of an eye, she had it all. When Tom Baxter, a wealthy Seattle surgeon, decided to take his new bride and his children that hated her along to a conference in Australia, the last thing he considered was that it was going to be the worst conference in history. The plot of this story is so acute that I literlly cannot write anymore about it without giving it away. We don’t do spoilers here! What I will say though, is that The Island by Adrian McKinty knocked me on my ass. If you’re looking for a thrill ride that rips your heart out and leaves it lying on the kitchen floor like spilled tomato soup, than this is the book for you!


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