Book Review – Rovers by Richard Lange

Rovers takes place during America’s bicentennial year of 1976. At its’ core, it’s a story about loss, about redemption, and about the agony of the road. I would imagine that if Steinbeck were to write a dystopian world, it might look similar to this one. It is clear that there are similarities to Of Mice & Men here, however, those similarities are fleeting.

The best way to describe this book is to first define what exactly a Rover is. In Richard Lange’s world, a Rover is like a vampire in that it is immortal. A Rover feeds on human blood, sleeps during the day in a darkened room. With that being said, there is none of the romanticism of the common literary vampire in this book. They only need to feed once or twice a month, and the two things that will kill them instantly is the sun or the removal of their head.

Jesse, the main character, travels the country with his younger brother, Edger, who still has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old. Jesse steals to keep the two of them alive. In a sense, Jesse and Edger are honorable rovers. But there is a dark side to this world, The Fiends. Any rover will tell you that you don’t want to anger the fiends. Too late…

My only negative criticism would be the ending. It seems unfinished.


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