The Longest Day

   I felt an immense pressure on my head.  I needed to get her attention.  I refused to wait any longer.  She stood alone outside the club; waiting for a friend.  This was my one and only chance.  I got up from the table, mustered the needed bravado and moved to where she was standing.  I was ready.  I had been following her all day.  She was the one, there was no doubt about it.  There were numerous opportunities earlier but I reluctantly chose to be patient.  It had been a long day; the longest day.
   She was standing in the alley with her back to me when I approached her.  Slowly, I moved closer to her.  I could smell her skin.  Before she had a chance to react, the knife was out and her throat was cut.  I left her there in the alley; still waiting for her friend.  On to the next…


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