Photo of the Day


I ran a google search on “photo of the day” and this was the first photo that came up.  I thought it might be a fun little exercise to pick a photo then write about it.  Clearly this wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

I sat right here at this desk that I purchased from Pier 1, along with the abnormally soft chair that is currently holding me and my favorite zip up hoodie, and looked at the above photo for at least 37 seconds – thinking that it might just be that easy to be inspired by a tree in the desert.

I quickly started thinking about French fries.  Not just any French fries though; cheese fries.  No!  Cheesy bacon fries.  NO!!!  Bacon ranch fries with scallions.  Clearly I was not ready to write about this tree.   I looked at it again and felt a surge of concentration.

There was something of meaning here; regarding roots and branches.  Family maybe?  Maybe.  Too sentimental.  Too personal.

Jason called me a woman today.  We do that a lot at work.  Silly boyish banter that keeps us fresh and free of the bitter “I hate customer service” feeling for the rest of the day.  Unless of course I get a call about something that they want to blame me for.  Insert middle finger here.

Truth be told…  I loathe this photo.  There is so much emotion in its shadows.  The partially blued sky seems contradictive to the arid bleakness of the dry death looming over the small village nestled harshly in the background.  The cracked earth existence is compelling.  For all impractical purposes; I wish I were there.  Time has stood still yet life moves along slowly but with blood flowed purpose.  Time will move once again.  It will tear at the very bark of the tree, rip the fabric of this world in two.  Where will you be when this occurs?  Will you be sitting on your lush leather furniture – sipping your latte with your BFF?  Or will you be providing meaning to your photo?  Will it also be a photo that I will loathe?


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