A tease from my next project.

Consider please, the choices that we make everyday. Not only the major decisions but the minor as well. You’re walking down the street and you see a delightful pair of shoes in a shop window. You turn and step forward. That decision has altered the universe. Your choice to inspect the shoes rather than move along to your planned destination, changed the course and the outcome of life on the planet for you and all living things. Don’t believe me? What if I told you that if you had continued down the block, a man driving a green Ford Focus would turn left against the light and hit you. Not killing you of course, but you are forever paralyzed from the neck down. You piss and shit yourself every hour, and strangers have to clean you and feed you. Still not convinced? Consider the driver of that car. Was it his intention, when he left his house that morning, late for work, to run you over? Of course not. However, the affect of hitting you caused a number of, let’s say, unwarranted circumstances. Apart from the legal trouble, which, in truth was not all that terrible, he began drinking; often heavily. The guilt he coveted from injuring you consumed him. His wife left him, and his life never recovered. He was sentenced to ten years in prison for aggravated battery. In his cell, he cut his own throat with a sharpened, plastic fork. Let’s take it a step further, shall we.

Why was he late for work? Well, what if I told you that his wife was pregnant with their first child and he was up late taking care of her while she was sick. So, he didn’t get enough sleep. His wife begged him to take the day off but with a baby on the way, how could he? I would wager now that you’re glad you stopped to look at those shoes. I think it might be time for me to frighten you; just a bit. Because you chose to turn and gaze at those gorgeous shoes, your life goes on. No hospital. Your not paralyzed. And our driver? he goes on to work, being only a few minutes late. He clocks in and proceeds to perform the duties of his job. He is a good worker. A hard working family man. His performance at the company has been exemplary. He deserves a promotion. The manager calls him to tell him that he would like to see him in his office. The driver of the green car apologizes and says that he cannot at the moment because he’s doing the work of three people. The manager tells him that it’s no bother. He will come see him right away. He has good news. The manager, happy to be giving a good man good news, trips on his own feet and stumbles head fitst down a long flight of stairs, killing him instantly, and leaving behind a wife and two children. The greedy manager who takes his place fires the driver for being late. All because you liked those shoes…


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