Watertown. Creek County Sheriff’s department, along with local police and volunteers, searched the area of Beggar’s Woods yesterday in hopes of finding 8 year old Toby Maxwell. Young Toby went missing late afternoon on Tuesday of this week. He was last seen in the front yard of 409 Primrose where he lives with his parents and older sister. The search in Beggar’s Woods near Diamond Creek began in earnest after a child’s shoe was found near the north bank. That shoe was later identified by Toby’s mother Elaine Maxwell. “The shoe was a big break in our efforts. We are hopeful that the boy will turn up.” Said Creek County Sheriff Preston Forge. Sheriff Forge refused to comment on a rumor that a ball of human hair had been retrieved at the creek bank. As of this morning, the search in Beggar’s Woods continues. The Maxwell family has yet to make a statement regarding the disappearance of their son. It has been confirmed by the Watertown police that the FBI has offered their assistance. No word yet on whether that offer has been accepted, though agents from the Boston field office arrive at the scene on Wednesday. Citizens of Watertown and the surrounding area are being asked to call in to the Sheriff’s hotline if they have any information on the whereabouts of young Toby Maxwell. That number is: (717) 427-1191. Michelle Sayers, Watertown Press.,


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