From the author of The Blood Red Box, comes a new psychological thriller that won’t just keep you up at night, you might not ever go to sleep again.

In Washington DC, the newly elected Governor and his wife have gone missing, with no evidence or witnesses. The secret Service employ retired agent Grayson Sawyer to locate the high-profile couple before the press gets word.

In Chicago, a single mother kills three people, including her 6 year old son, and doesn’t remember any of it. Forensic psychologist, Emily Promise, is not at all convinced of the young mother’s guilt. Something just doesn’t fit.

In North Carolina, an honor student pulls a gun in class and kills 7 of his fellow students, with no memory of the incident whatsoever.

In Arizona, a single father, worried about his teenage daughter’s sleeping difficulties, enrolls her in a 2-day sleep study to help with her night terrors. After 24 hours, the young girl is in a coma.

In a race against the clock, Emily Promise and agent Sawyer come together to find the meaning of these senseless incidents. What they find is nothing short of impossible.


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