Just write! That’s all there really is to it.

As a writer, I have to set simple goals, or I’ll never get a thing accomplished. The main goal is to simply write each day. No matter what the situation. In the morning before work. At night after work. My days off are filled with writing. Roughly 75% is trash but that’s just fine. It’s the 25% that I’m proud of. But even when I know that I’m writing trash, I have to push through so that I can come out the other side with something that makes some sense. My next goal is just as important, and it relates to the first goal. I try to write at least 1,000 words each and every day. To do this takes a bit of preparation. I look to my current outline and decide what I’m writing next within my current project. Staying focused is key to any writing goal. It also helps to eliminate distractions. With my present project, remaining focused has become easier as new ideas for it spring up out of nowhere. My last goal that I will discuss is to read. Read, read, and re-read. Each day, before I begin, I go back and read what I wrote the day before. This is crucial because you must edit yourself. No matter how grammatically correct you are, there will always be mistakes. Also, it helps to move the story along when you remember where you left off.

  1. Write. Write through any blockage. Push through the garbage.
  2. Set a word count goal and stick to it.
  3. Read what you are writing.

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